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Located at Holmesglen Hospital

Individually tailored and professional treatments for all skin types.




Hydra Facial

1 hour - $70. Cleansing, exfoliation of skin followed by a hyaluronic acid mask. The moisture enhancing gel mask contains high levels of hyaluronic acid which mimics the body’s natural hydrator and adds moisture to the skin, locking in the moisture.


Medi Facial

1 hour - $65. Deep cleansing, exfoliation and elimination of acne causing bacteria. Blackhead extraction and unclog pores with a clean fresh appearance.


PRIN Lymphatic Therapy

1 hour - $150. A professional tightening treatment mask for skin therapists, is designed to work with your circulatory system - an often overlooked, but vital component of optimal skin health. This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our lymphatics, and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply. These systems always work together, taking and giving, maintaining homeostasis.


Chemical Peels

15 mins and up - starting from $60. Chemical peels induce a rejuvenating exfoliation process. They strip dull and dead skin cells from the face, leaving radiant and smooth skin underneath. This stimulates collagen production, resulting in healthier skin. All peels are painless and tailored to the specific needs of each individual’s skin.


Skin Clear Treatments

15 mins and up - starting at $30.  Skin treatments using our specialised skin Clear machine results in the non-invasive and quick instant removal of skin tags, milia, cholesterol deposits, blocked pores, spider naevi and cherry angioma. Minimal discomfort without any need of anaesthesia. Benefits The pain-free Clinical Skin Clear machining is a non-invasive technique that combines radio and high frequency technology. - It is quick and doesn’t puncture the skin - Protects surrounding tissue - Instantaneous and permanent removal of skin tags and blood spots - Minimal irritation with a healing time of approx. 1-2 days.



30 mins and up - starting at $215. Micro-needling treatment will leave you looking younger with tighter, smoother and less wrinkled skin. We use the Spectrum eDrum micro-needling pen which contains multiple tiny needles that are adjusted for each individual client. The fractional vibration perforates the skin, and as a result  is perfect for combating skin irregularities, stimulating the healing of scars, skin rejuvenation and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.


LED Light Therapy

Duration varies - $90. LED light therapy will leave you relaxed and stress-free with a sense on calmness as you go about your day. It works by exposing the skin to specific wavelengths of  LED light, resulting in natural bio-stimulation of the skin. As a result, it will lighten, brighten and tighten the skin as well as giving the face a fresh , glowing look. It will also help control breakouts and acne and diminish pigmentation of the skin.

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